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What is Plinth?

Plinth is a stable work stand to hold any iPad, Android Tablet, Kindle or Smartphone at the optimum angle for any task, wherever you are.

Optimised to enhance a mobile computing device, it was also designed to be as small, light, and fast in use as possible.

The world’s best tablet stand has many design features which make it unique; no other stand on the market offers the same degree of stability and function within such a tiny device.

This video demonstrates what makes Plinth special.

Key Features

  • Will hold any tablet computer, portrait or landscape
  • Compatible with all types of case or cover
  • Super stable with non-slip rubber pads and feet
  • 5 positions, perfect for typing, sketching or viewing
  • Instant single handed deployment at the touch of a button
  • Only 47g in weight and as small as an iPhone 4

Why use a tablet stand?

Viewing your tablet (or phone!) whilst held in the hand encourages you to look down, which places huge strain on your neck and back – this diagram shows the virtual increase in head weight at different angles.

Because of their absorbing nature we can all too easily be distracted by the screen, ignoring the warnings our muscles are sending us. Many medical bodies are now reporting massive increases of young people seeking help for back and neck pain – many even now call it ‘iPad neck’!

Choose from a range of colours,  finishes and accessories

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