Win a Plinth, FREE!

We’d love hear what you think of Plinth, so have added a feedback form to the site. From now on, a good percentage of respondents will win a Plinth of their choice, absolutely FREE!

Tell us what you think today, and help us help you make Plinth better.

2 thoughts on “Win a Plinth, FREE!”

  1. I feel you have hit a Home Run with your Stand..Also it’s nice to know that a Guy from England
    Created/Followed Thru and Accualy Got off the Dole and Invented This Great Product! Good for you! Especially how Rough it is Just Making even a Strides or Living in England without any Distractions from his mates or Wannabe Tossers or Hand me Down Rags (Slags) ..and You Must Be Chuffed cause it’s a good one..I was Born in Glossop Lived in England till I was 19yr & Decieded that England was not a place of opportunity but had Quickly Became a land of Oppertunists..Not in a Good I left And here Iam in Las Vegas & not even Visited England since 1993 so to Read your Story was Refreshing ! I Wish you all the Success!! and I have yet to own the Plinth Stand.
    but I Am Already Convinced It’s Far Ahead of Its Class ..Even if I Don’t Recieve Your Product as A Free Promotion..I Feel Just Reading your Story and Knowing that Someone Else Made it..
    and writing this E Mail was Therapy Enough! so and Iam Content Either way around the board..
    all the Best and Keep Going & once Again Cheers!!
    P.s just Curios…how did you come up with the Concept Idea?

  2. Great idea. Am going to suggest this as a corporate freebie to one of our IT suppliers for their next conference; perfect fit!

    Will we see these on the high street soon? I could see these doing well in, say, John Lewis?

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