Tools move to Barkley Plastics, as Plinth steps up a Gear

As part of our continuing drive to make Plinth better, we have just completed moving the injection mould tools to Barkley Plastics in Birmingham.

I have been searching for months to find a company with the right machinery, capability, and perhaps most importantly approach to business and willingness to ‘make things happen’. I have high hopes that in Barkley Plastics, I have found a company with its roots in ‘real world engineering’, but with state-of-the-art tool room and moulding capabilities. They have been going since 1965, and now have 40 moulding machines, including 7 twin-shot machines.

All of the team I have met so far are cheerful, helpful, and committed to making Plinth all it can be. They love the product, and want to see it succeed. It is early days, but after months of frustration with the last moulder (Midland Plastic Solutions), I am feeling full of hope that we have turned a corner to begin a new chapter.

We are moulding the next production run now, as part of which we are trialling some exciting new colour and material combinations. Watch this space – I’ll post photos as soon as they’re ready.

3 thoughts on “Tools move to Barkley Plastics, as Plinth steps up a Gear”

  1. Hello John,

    A big thank you for investing so much time and effort into KS campaign ‘updates’ – as someone preparing to launch (October 2015 I hope) I have learnt a great deal and feel very fortunate to have found your project. Indeed, you’ve inspired me to write my own blog along similar lines so that others might benefit as I did from your work.

    I’m based in Birmingham and will try to keep all manufacturing here (if not, at least in the UK). I look forward to reading how you get on with Barkey Plastics – funnily enough they are on my list of ‘possibles’. Generally, I have found Birmingham’s plastics industry to be incredibly helpful – Graham Robinson with Andel Plastics (tools and manufacturing) deserves special mention as he went further then anyone. I should also say that, as a former workshop manager, his operations looked very professional.

    My journey started back in January this year and the learning curve has been quite the roller coaster – from patents to Twitter, paper mache to 3am moments of genius, all I’m sure you too have enjoyed! Anyways, good luck with it all and please accept this message as an open ended offer for coffee if you happen to find yourself in Birmingham.

    Kind Regards,

    Ben Strange

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