Success! Ezl enters production

I have been working for over a year on an idea for a tiny gadget which makes holding, seeing and connecting our phones better.

The result is ‘Ezl’, a 2mm thin sliver of material which attaches to your phone case (or direct to your phone). It slides open to provide three really useful functions:

  1. A stand, so you can keep an eye on your phone without picking it up.
  2. A secure and comfortable holder, which makes holding your phone easier and more secure.
  3. Features to enable easy mounting of your phone to accessories like desk chargers, car mounts etc.

Particularly for people with arthritis or mobility problems with their hands, Ezl provides a perfect solution for comfortable holding your phone.

Raising funds for manufacture

As a small British manufacturer, I depend on crowdfunding (where people pledge to buy one as soon as it’s available) to raise the £17,000 needed for production tooling.

My campaign on the crowdfunding campaign kickstarter is now over 50% funded, and my chosen manufacturer is now sufficiently confident that we will succeed that he has agreed to start building the tools now!

This is a huge step – and guarantees that Ezl will be made successfully, and everyone who wants this great device will have one.

The 'Kickstarter Special' - unique offer and perfect gift!

I still need all the help I can get to raise as much funding as possible, so I’m offering some incredible once-only deals for those who order now.

  • You can buy your Ezl for as little as £6! 
  • For kickstarter backers only, I am offering to create your Ezl mounted with your choice of photo, logo, image – anything you like!
  • Special and unique discounts for buying more than one Ezl.

The Perfect Stocking filler

With Christmas on the horizon, here is an opportunity to give your loved ones something to make their phone truly special!

Send me a photo (of a loved one, child or pet), a child’s drawing. Or perhaps their favourite football team…

I will prepare and have printed a permanent vinyl decal, and mount it to your colour choice of Ezl. Now that production tooling is underway, I can guarantee that Ezls ordered during the kickstarter campaign will be delivered in September/October.


Kickstarter will take your card details and pledge amount, but you will NOT be charged until the campaign ends on 3rd September and I reach my goal of £5,000.

Support ethical, UK based manufacture

Ezl will be made at a little factory in the heart of the Devon countryside, at a unit powered entirely by solar power.

I choose to manufacture all my designs in the UK for primarily ethical, but also practical reasons.

It means I cannot offer the crazy prices available by exploiting Far Eastern manufacturers, but to me business is not primarily about profit.

Please share this post

The world is a big place, and those with much more money than me are very good at ensuring their products are promoted top, front and centre of everywhere you go.

Unfortunately, kickstarter is no exception, so getting people to see Ezl and my work is proving very difficult.

Will you help me by telling your friends and family about my work to bring genuinely useful, ethically produced products to the world?

Thank you.

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4 thoughts on “Success! Ezl enters production”

  1. The money that we backed you with do I pay that on top of buying two EZLs also if I order/buy/back 2 can I put different photos on each?

    Great news well done


    1. Hi Karen – thank you for backing me. You have pledged for 2 Ezls at £7 – if you want photos on them, change your pledge to the Kickstarter special, £15 for the 1st and £12 for additional ones. You can have different – photos on each, yes. Thanks again.

      1. How does this work do I go ahead and order two now and pay for them or wait till you take the money in September? I think I will do without the pictures thanks

        1. On kick starter you pledge to pay the amount stated. When the deadline date comes, if successful, your card will be charged. With the funds the designer/inventor will start making/production. The concept will be put into motion. Hope this helps.

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