Into production, and shipping to kickstarters

Plinth is now in production,and we are moulding over 3,000 products to send out to our kickstarter backers, plus 1,000 stock to put on general sale.

2 thoughts on “Into production, and shipping to kickstarters”

  1. Brian E Jackaman

    Hi John, Where is my Kickstarter order? I wanted to order a number for Christmas gifts but I want to hold a unit before I order.
    Your website states:”The price quoted here includes International delivery, and I’ll do my best to dispatch your order within 24 hours of order.” Does that suggest you are shipping before you’ve met your Kickstarter responsibilities? Please forgive me if I sound less than patient. Regards Brian.

    1. Hi Brian,
      Your order hasn’t been shipped yet because we’ve only just finished assembling the graphite/teal ones. It will be on its way early next week.
      Yes, I am running website orders alongside the kickstarter shipping – this time delay has been a cashflow nightmare. It has no effect on kickstarter shipping. See production update 9 – just about to publish it.
      Best wishes,

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