Plinth on track for record Christmas sales!

At the end of a terrible year which has brought me to the edge of bankruptcy, it is exciting and heartwarming to discover that Plinth has been selling in record numbers as we approach Christmas this year! I am delighted to report that as the sales continue to climb, it is looking increasingly likely that I will be able to continue into 2019. I can now rekindle my plans to launch Ezl (which has had an exciting design upgrade – I’ll reveal all as soon as I have proved out the next prototype).

With all the doom and gloom being reported from not only high street retailers, but online markets too, I have to wonder whether the pundits are right to blame this all on Brexit anxiety? Could it be that people are hardening their resistance to Christmas being completely taken over by the marketing efforts of big companies? I hope so.

I for one have become increasingly repulsed by the Festive season, a time meant for cuddling around the fire and seeing friends, becoming a time of pressure, ‘Black Fridays’, over-spending and rushing around trying to achieve the blissful state the TV ads show us.

Maybe there is hope that people are increasingly seeking out smaller, environmentally responsible gifts (such as theatre tickets and meals together), and turning their back on mass-produced ‘pile it high and sell it cheap’ rubbish. We can’t afford to sponsor that anymore.

I had thought that trying to make a living from designing and making (hopefully) genuinely useful items in an ethical and responsible way was not going to be enough to survive in a world dominated by big players. Maybe I was wrong…

I’ll bat on a bit longer.

Happy Christmas. And thank you.




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