Plinth Enters the Dragons’ Den!

  Runaway success since I took Plinth before ‘the Dragons’ in the popular BBC series Dragons’ Den, seeking their marketing expertise and investment in the Plinth tablet stand. See how I got on, and what they thought of my design, broadcast on Sunday 28th August 2016, BBC2 at 9pm (now available on iPlayer). You can watch it here.

Post Dragons’ Den update on Wednesday 31 August 2016.

On the day Dragons Den was broadcast, the myplinth website had over 8,000 visitors, and nearly 700 sales! The next day we had 7,600 visitors and 550 sales. The picture continues to develop with a flood of interest, offers of investment and retail enquiries. The kind and supportive comments I have received through social media, email and phone calls are heart-warming and mean the world to me. The world clearly loves my product, which until now has lacked the oxygen of public awareness. Thank you, everyone, for helping me on my journey.  

8 thoughts on “Plinth Enters the Dragons’ Den!”

  1. This is a brilliant device. I am a writer and use my iPad/iPhone/Kindle for research. For the last two years I have been looking for something to prop all three devices up. I have bought several and they have turned out to be cumbersome, difficult to use and not very portable. . My Plinth arrived twenty four hours ago and has solved the problem. It is now as indispensable as my computer, my pens, my books and my devices. Thank you John Bull for what I am sure will become a classic design. I am going to order another one.

  2. I ordered my Plinth on the night it appeared on Dragons Den. I was very impressed with the product as it appeared on TV and following a little research on the internet I ordered a Plinth that night.

    I think it was the You Tube post showing the Plinth being run over by a tractor and surviving the experience that convinced me to make the order.

    I received it on 1 Sept 2016 and was delighted when I could hold this exciting little gadget in my hands. It was indeed compact, lightweight, very strong and perfectly engineered to do its job.

    I quickly mastered the technique of opening, closing and adjusting to the various angles. I tested it on my iPhone 6plus, iPad and a cook book and it worked perfectly.

    When I finished it folded back neatly into its compact carrying state ready to fit in my pocket. I love it already.

  3. Congratulations on a great design. I’m really glad your doing well with it. I will order as soon as the one I like is in stock again. The Dragon’s should eventually be kicking themselves – especially Peter Jones! I wish you every success.

  4. The Dragons probably don’t have to juggle a laptop, tablet and two mobiles on crowded trains – being able to flick the Plinth open with one hand while plugging earphones into a mobile with another to avoid being late on a conference call is a daily challenge for us mortals. Plinth is the mutts’ nuts.

  5. The product looks amazing, the day i seen it on dragons den, i looked it up and was ready to place an order and I’m sure once i receive it the stand will be more amazing, i couldn’t believe the dragons failed to see the potential this gadget has i have had a lot of tablets ordered from Ebay and Amazon and i think this one does stands out, i wish you great success.

  6. Plinth Update ( original post 1.9.16)

    My plinth has been on holiday to Ibiza with me and has been fantastic at supporting my Kindle whilst reading my favourite books in the bar and various other parts of the hotel.

    Today I accidentally took it swimming with me in the pocket of my swimming shorts. It survived the experience in top notch condition. They did say you would take it everywhere with and funnily enough I seem to be doing that. It’s great!

  7. Just ordered two Plinths following Dragon’s Den catch-up view. What were these Dragon’s thinking of… When ego gets in the way of understanding no-one wins… so I look forward to seeing Plinth up there with Trunki and Levi Roots as missed opportunities. My only observation of the ordering process is that Amazon are now selling the new more colourful product versions (badged as ‘New’) but not the original version, which meant a further registration step on your website. Small issue perhaps but there may be many others who may prefer the more discrete colouring of the original version. Great effort in any event and so looking forward to using the product !

  8. I bought my plinth from aFacebook advert and have used it every day since and, unlike the covers/supports that Peter Jones mentioned on Dragons Den, it is far superior to any other I have tried!
    Not only that it works in a multiple of ways that others don’t and never could. It relieves stress on the body and I just could not be without it. I was particularly impressed with the level of personal customer service given by John Bull to me, a small level purchaser on an individual item, that cannot be bought and is the epitome of good business.
    I love my Plinth and need to purchase more as friends and family are very interested too. Well done on an innovative, well made and fantastically useful gadget.

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