Pay attention to your back when using tablets & smartphones!

As someone who suffers back pain through long hours at a CAD screen with not enough breaks, this article is a very timely reminder to all of us who use tablets and smartphones – watch your posture!

You may not think this will affect you – until it does! Then it takes a lot of work to get yourself flexible again.

Needless to say using your tablet at the right angle on a proper surface makes a huge difference – which is why I designed Plinth.plinth-helps-posture

1 thought on “Pay attention to your back when using tablets & smartphones!”

  1. I ordered the Plinth and the leather case after having watched Dragons Den. A wonderful piece of kit. I had two telephone conversations with John and found him very pleasant to speak to and most accommodating. I did not take me long how to work out using the Plinth and have sent details to my sister in Denmark. Well done John.

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