New product about to launch!

I’ve had an idea for a little product which I think will appeal to anyone who uses their mobile technology a lot.

I am currently waiting for a prototype to be delivered; once it arrives, I’ll know whether I am close enough to perfecting the function to show everyone, and see what you think.

As I did with Plinth, I plan to raise the money for production through crowdfunding, probably with kickstarter. You can see my campaign which led to Plinth HERE

If you’d like to see the design, I would really appreciate you following my Facebook page, or on Twitter or instagram. I can’t wait to find out what you think!

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Update 5 July 2018

The prototype is here and works really well… but not quite perfect.

I’ve therefore decided to belay the kickstarter campaign for another week or so whilst I make a few tweaks. I’m also playing with another idea for an added feature which would make it even more useful. Watch this space!

Update 19 July 2018

The 2nd protoype works really beautifully, so I’m now putting together my kickstarter campaign, which I hope to launch on Monday. Comer and read all about it here:

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