Meet Laser, Neon and Bubblegum

We’ve been doing trials with new materials and new colour combinations, and are delighted to now offer some really cool new versions of the world’s best stand for your tablet or phone.

Plinth Laser

Plinth is already incredibly tough (see it run over by a tractor here), but to achieve this cool translucent model, we’ve moved to super-strong polycarbonate – possibly the strongest moulding material out there.

With electric green rubber pads to complement the blue, this version looks just about as high-tech as you can get.




Plinth Neon

Like the Laser, this version is moulded in Polycarbonate, but tinted with an amazing new colourant called ‘Edge Glow’, which makes the plastic appear like it is being lit from within.

The really cool thing about this Plinth is that it looks very different in varying lighting conditions. From bright sunshine to office, muted lighting to near darkness, your Plinth will change in a surprising way which we know you’ll love.

The edge-glow yellow looks really punchy when matched with ice white rubber pads.


Plinth Bubblegum

We’ve had loads of requests for a softer, more fun version of the Plinth so we hope you’ll like Plinth Bubblegum, which is moulded in a funky pink, with bubblegum rubber pads.



Like all our models, these come with a lifetime guarantee, and we aim to ship them out within 12 hours of your order. Find out more about them, and order here.


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