iPad Pro launched – and it will sit happily on a Plinth

Plinth-iphone-ipad-pro-1December 20th 2015 -update:

Here is an iPad Pro and iPhone 6+ sat on Plinths – I’ve finally got to try one and they are amazingly brilliantly stable.













I was really pleased to see the launch of the iPad Pro yesterday. These photos show a glass plate the same size as the new iPad, sitting happily (and most importantly, quite stable) on a Plinth Laser.iPad-Pro-Plinth

As a designer, and especially since the launch of the excellent Concepts App, which to my mind is the best design tool since Solidworks, the iPad has become my main design tool –¬†especially for sketching, and ‘working things out’.

The larger screen and new touch sensitivity is going to make a huge difference. You can find out more about it on the Apple website here.

There’s also a good summary of all the new features in the Guardian here.





As tablets get better and better, and move ever closer to replacing the functionality previously confined to laptops and desktop computers, we need to be able to enjoy the new flexibility and mobility afford. Not just in sketching and drawing, but multitasking with marathon one app on screen at a time, will be much more enjoyable and productive on the bigger screen.



However, it also brings with it a potential hazard – ‘iPad neck’. Unless ¬†we take care to position and use our tablets properly, we get immersed in what we’re doing without sufficient care to our position. Prolonged looking down at a tablet or phone held in the hands is really bad for us. See other posts on my blog for links to information about how to avoid back and neck injury.

Needless to say, from your phone, iPad mini, Air, and even the Pro will sit happily on a Plinth, without obscuring or obstructing any part of the screen. Important when drawing.

No other stand offers that.

Go on – try one now!
; )



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