The Dragons miss an Opportunity – AJ Joshi doesn’t, and Invests in Plinth

Within an hour of Dragons’ Den being broadcast on 28 August 2016, I had a tweet from a chap I’d never heard of – AJ Joshi.

A couple of days later we had a lengthy telephone conversation, after which he invited me to meet him at the Institute of Directors in London the following Monday. There we talked for nearly four hours about everything from our businesses, manufacturing, politics and the environment, and most importantly we talked about the things we really cared about – people, kindness, and doing what we could for those less fortunate than ourselves.

I was delighted and honored to shake his hand, and so began a relationship where he is helping me develop my business – growing the Plinth business, and developing new and exciting products which actually help people get more out of life, without harming the environment or employing unethical practices.

Working with AJ, I look forward to growing my fledgling British manufacturing business into something which becomes increasingly exciting



'Investment' comes to nothing

Update 25 June 2018

I’m very sad to report that whilst we get on famously as friends, I have decided to draw a line under the business relationship with AJ.

I won’t explain further, except to say that I have put everything I have into developing my business, and am determined to remain focused on what I believe is in the best interests of its future.

8 thoughts on “The Dragons miss an Opportunity – AJ Joshi doesn’t, and Invests in Plinth”

  1. Maureen Glover

    I saw the Plinth on Dragons Den. I was fairly appalled at the way the dragons spoke to John. Sometimes they completely lose the run of themselves. I decided to buy a Plinth and I’m absolutely delighted with it. I’m so pleased that John’s invention has become such a heartwarming success story. Would highly recommend the Plinth. Does what it says on the tin!

  2. SPOT ON…The lovely smell of Somerset leather and the great quality that you get when you order anything from John and The Plinth company

    Thank you so much for these cases (grabbed one of each)

  3. I saw Dragon’s Den on catch-up TV last night and decided I would look up Plinth immediately to find to more. I was listening to the programme as I was on the computer searching and felt that the inventor, John, was spoken to in a manner which was not conducive to budding or seasoned entrepreneurs. In fact, I was also appalled by the behaviour. So I am supporting Plinth by putting in my order as I have never found a decent stand and hope to be pleased with my purchase. If I am, I will encourage others to consider Plinth, too.

    1. Thank you, Helen. Your perception was correct – the television screeening shows a 15 minute edit of over an hours’ grilling, during which their sole intent was to try and expose vulnerabilities, rather than try and explore business opportunities. Without doubt the worst business meeting I have ever attended! I really appreciate your kindness – and indded everyone who has supported my business by buying a Plinth. Most seem to find them useful : ) – do let me know how you get on, and remember you can return it for refund if not delighted, and they are guaranteed for life. Very best wishes, John

  4. I’ve had two for some time – brilliant stand, especially when you need something lightweight to hold the tablet with the music when playing the Ukulele!!!

  5. Only recently saw this Dragons Den episode re plinth. I noted details to look up site as felt this a good looking product and so was surprised none of the dragons showed interest as I would have had I had opportunity. Some, I will refrain form naming who, appear to enjoy the posturing more than the serious business of seeking genuine opportunities. Really surprised Peter Jones failed to see potential but see you have found your own dragon. Best of luck and I will certainly become a customer.

  6. Like so many others, I saw this on DD and thought it looked amazing so went to the site and purchased immediately. So great in practice I got one for my hubby. Then, as I use it so much, got the leather pouch. Had a variety of stands and none with this quality, portability and thoughtful design. I promote this wherever I can. Good luck!

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