Christmas shopping? Here’s the answer.

Know anyone who loves their phone?

Ezl is a simple, very thin, flat panel which flips out into a handy stand (portrait and landscape).

It’s only 2mm thin, so doesn’t interfere with wireless charging. It’ll stick easily with to your phone case, or direct to your phone. You can remove it whenever you want.

It has rubber feet to keep your phone where you put it.

It will be ethically made in the UK, at a little factory powered by sunshine.

It will be made in a range of colours to complement your phone and phone case.

You can order yours today for only £7 each (less if you order more)

If you order yours now (before November 9th) you will be guaranteed delivery before Christmas.

Best of all, for the kickstarter campaign only, I am offering the ability to personalise your phone with a favourite phone, football team logo, or other image!

Just click the link below and choose the ‘kickstarter special’ to order yours, at only £15 (additional ones £12 each)

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