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Clever Engineering makes this accessory stand out from the crowd

Review by David Hayward – Awarded 9/10 for quality – December 2015

” The Plinth is a great tablet and phone stand. It’s sturdy, tough, light and compact, and it can cater for larger tablets easily.”
“Ergonomically speaking, the Plinth is by far the best stand we’ve used, and we’ve been through quite a lot over the years.”
“It’s a fantastically engineered tablet stand and one that’ll certainly last you far longer than the device it’s holding.”

GeekBeat TV

This joyful video is a must-see! During my kickstarter campaign, I sent a prototype (printed from my 3D printer) to John Pozadzides, the presenter of a very famous US-based TV technology channel.

I heard nothing from them for ages, so I emailed to see whether they had got the sample, and whether or not they thought it was any good; I had a terrific email back saying that on the contrary, they absolutely loved it, and were making a review video for broadcast. This is the movie that was screened, which made my heart soar.

My thanks to Internet Archive for making this precious bit of history available.

Cult of Android/Cult of Mac

“The Plinth isn’t just a super-compact tablet stand — it’s an amusing party trick.” So begins Lewis’ appraisal of the prototype Plinth sent to him during the kickstarter camapign.

“It’s obviously composed of multiple parts that fit together seamlessly, and a couple of buttons look like they might do something. But let a friend fondle the plastic object, and they’ll likely fiddle with it for a while before they discover the Plinth’s awesome secret. That’s so cool!” said my test subject when she finally figured out how to manipulate the Plinth’s sliding latch, which instantly unleashes the tablet holder’s spring-loaded arms. It’s not that the Plinth is difficult to deploy. In fact, once you figure out the Plinth’s trick, it’s incredibly simple (and switchblade-fast) to open.”

“And thank goodness for that, because the Plinth is a wonderful creation that makes any tablet (or a phablet or standard smartphone, for that matter) even more useful and enjoyable. The Plinth adjusts to five different angles, making it simple to look at your tablet hands-free and also takes much of the sting out of typing on a slate’s virtual keyboard.”

Vlogger review

Search Youtube for ‘Plinth tablet stand’ and you’ll find quite a few video reviews made by people all over the world.

This one by Matthew Moniz is particularly high quality, so is included here.

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