Developments since Dragons’ Den

Exciting times

followed my appearance on Dragons’ Den in August of 2016. Sales went through the roof, and my offer of investment resulted in working with someone who I believed would ‘fill in all the gaps’ in my business skillset to date. It was really refreshing to be bouncing ideas around with a guy who I respected enormously, and also quickly became a valued friend.

"Investment" fails to deliver

After 6 months of working together, it was clear that the explosive growth I had hoped for wasn’t happening, and I took the difficult decision to ask AJ whether we could terminate our business relationship.  Sales were moderate, but not growing as I had been led to believe they would.

Customers say "Keep Going!"

Through all the turbulent times, the one crowning jewel in the crown of this business venture has been feedback from my customers. One doesn’t have to look far – whether on Facebook, Youtube, or reviews left on my product pages, to be convinced that the product itself is a good one.

50,000 happy users

Plinths sold

As of mid June 2018 I have sold over 50,000 Plinths, with very very few returns or problems. I have been totally bowled over by the kind and supportive messages I have had, and it is expecially heartening when I hear from elderly or infirm people who love their iPads but had been suffering with neck or wrist main until they started using a Plinth.

At last - the message seems to be getting through!

The run up to Christmas 2018 has been my best ever! Having narrowly avoided bankruptcy (thanks to my HSBC business bank manager), I pulled all of my assembly and fulfilment back in-house to avoid all avoidable costs. Now back to lean and efficient, I am doing everything myself, and loving it! 

Sales have gone through the roof, and with the launch of new colours for Plinth, and a major breakthrough to the development of Ezl (it is now MUCH better than the original design!), I think my business has all the ingredients for a bright future.

I launched my design for Plinth in the autumn of 2014, and after all these years, I still believe it to be the most versatile, efficient and useful stand on the market.

8 thoughts on “Developments since Dragons’ Den”

    1. I’m pleased, Heather – thank you. If you ever run over it with your tractor and it doesn’t survive (the one I tested did), send it back to me and I’ll replace it! X

  1. Saw your product on DD. Bought it as a stocking filler for my daughter for Christmas. Sure i will end up with one too ha! Well done you!

  2. Hello from Canada

    I think Dragons mis judged your product. I really like the design. Please make them available in Canada .


    1. Thanks Bobby – it very much is available in Canada (and everywhere else)! I offer free global shipping on all orders from this website.

  3. Was given this as a gift from a friend and love it so much I have ordered 2 for my grandchildren. Love the new colours.

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