Telegraph votes Plinth 2nd best stand on market!

In recent review of the best tablet stands available in 2019, Plinth was the reviewer’s second favourite (No.1 being a goose-neck desk stand by Lamicall).

The review (full version HERE) begins

"I like to think that I’m a bluntly honest critic when it comes to tech gadgets, but even I pale in comparison to the fiery commentary of Dragon’s Den star Peter Jones. So it tells you a lot that Jones described the Plinth G as “exceptional” when its designer appeared on Dragon’s Den in 2016. He was right, to be fair: it is a great piece of design work. The whole thing is smaller than the average smartphone, about as thick, and much, much lighter. You press a button and it unfurls with wings to rest your tablet on. Various adjustable parts on the back of the product allow you to tilt your tablet to an angle that suits you. It’s suitable for large devices (even including the aforementioned iPad Pro) and perfect for holding a tablet while you’re on a train or plane. Small rubber feet stop the stand sliding when you place a heavy device on it."

He was concerned by a slight amount of flash on one of the edges of the sample I sent him, and that he was worried about strength.

"I was also a little worried by the lightweight feel of the product, as I thought the arms would snap off when under pressure, but I was pleasantly surprised as the stand held its own ably no matter what I placed on it."

I was so incensed that people might think Plinth ‘not up to the job’ , that whilst out walking my dog later that day I took this photo of Plinth holding a very heavy concrete breeze block.

Anyone still in doubt might also enjoy this video, made after another magazine reviewer clearly doesn’t know about the strength of modern plastics.

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