Another great review – Droid Horizon

Plinth has had another storming reception from the review site – to the extent that to prove my YouTube video showing Plinth run over by a tractor wasn’t a fake, they ran over their review sample themselves with a pickup. Watch the fun by clicking on the pic here:  

Win a Plinth, FREE!

We’d love hear what you think of Plinth, so have added a feedback form to the site. From now on, a good percentage of respondents will win a Plinth of their choice, absolutely FREE! Tell us what you think today, and help us help you make Plinth better.

Plinth available on

Plinth is now available on and (links here). We aim to ship same day on all orders, although Sunday orders won’t ship until Monday. Delivery times should be next day for UK orders, and 5-7 days for all International orders. It’s worth checking these sites in your country, as we sometimes run promotions.

Is your tablet giving you back/neck pain?

More and more people are going to see their doctor complaining of persistent lower back and/or neck pain, and the evidence is – our use of tablets and smartphones is responsible. An increasing number of young adults are reporting severe lower back and neck pain, and it is significantly caused by improper positioning (looking down, stooping) whilst …

Is your tablet giving you back/neck pain? Read More »

Plinth hits CES in Las Vegas

Plinth is at the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas, thanks to our good friends Alison Grieve, inventor of the brilliant G-Hold tablet holder. She has already spoken to several distributors who really love the world’s best tablet stand, so we enter the New Year with exciting times ahead! Will keep you posted.

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