New colours coming!

New colours coming

Coming next week (21st Feb 2019) – new colours come to your favourite device stand!
In the run up to Christmas I sold out of almost everything except G and SE models. 
Now my moulder in Birmingham is at last replenishing my stock, and I’m trying some new exciting colours – sumptuous pearlescent soft pink, and yes, purple is coming at last, in response to requests from customers.

Update 22 Feb 2019

Getting the new purple colour exactly right is proving troublesome (it’s not as straight forward as you might think!), and this has delayed changing the tools over to mould the wings. 
This has put things back by a week, so the new pink parts will now not be delivered until Tuesday 26th. 
My apologies to everyone who have been waiting for the new Plinths – I have had a number of enquiries over the last week or so.

Update 27 Feb 2019 - They're here!

Well, they haven’t proved the easiest colour to produce, but I think the wait has been worth it.
Plinth ‘Sorbet’ is now in stock. The beautiful soft pearlescent pink sits really well with the pale coffee colour pads, and I hope you like them.
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