My best Christmas EVER – and much to come in 2019!

It seems my message is finally getting through – stable, adjustable support makes life with your iPad better.

The run up to Christmas proved to be my best ever; I was regularly selling over 60 a day, and one day I sold over 100!

This has changed my future back to one of positivity and hope, and I hope to share that with you.

I have lots planned for 2019, with new colour models of Plinth, a high-grip non-slip pad (which you will be able to buy separately and add to your existing Plinths), and of course Ezl.

I am super-excited that the latest prototype of Ezl is amazing, and works brilliantly. Not only that, but I have redesigned it to be even thinner, and I’ll be able to make it cheaper too. I’ll post more details about how the design is evolving shortly. Like my page on Facebook to keep up with news.

A very happy, peaceful and friendly 2019 to all of you.

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