HOW THIN?!! Ezl has evolved….

New design offers truly wafer thin performance

After months of work, I have now redesigned Ezl to be even thinner, hopefully cheaper to manufacture, AND uses less materials.

The latest prototype (shown here – its only a 3D print so is a bit rough) is only 2mm thick! It also has chamfered edges, making it feel incredibly thin on the phone, yet will enable you to stand your phone next to you at your desk, in the kitchen bedside etc.

I am now chasing quotes for tooling, before preparing to crowdfund the project in a few weeks time.

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I’d love you to follow my journey as I try to take this idea through to a finished product – on sale here, like Plinth.

I hope you’d like one (it won’t harm your phone or the case you use, and can be removed easily, by the way).

Sign up here, and I’ll keep you informed of progress:

You can find out more by going to the Ezl page.


6 thoughts on “HOW THIN?!! Ezl has evolved….”

  1. Margaret Corser

    Would love to know if i can buy this item the Ezl for my phone would love you to get in touch and let me know how i can purchase one

    1. Hi Margaret. At the moment this is still a working prototype, but I’m hoping to crowdfund it soon. At that point, you will be able to buy one, yes. You can sign up for updates on when it becomes available by clicking the ‘Find out more’ button above, and signing up there. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ken – have you signed up on the page? That way, I’ll keep you fully up to date along with all the others. Thanks for getting in touch.?

  2. Will the new version still have the diffrent options to mount to phone i like the microsuction option the original had

    1. This still isn’t decided, Andrew, but my experiences with micro suction tape so far haven’t been great. I think reliability is key here – especially if ezl is to be useful with car mounts and other options. You will always be able to remove ezl without damaging the phone or case.

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