Ezl will be fun, too!

Ezl will be fun, too!

Now that the prototypes are working beautifully, I have been playing with how to make ezl more personal.

By looking at the market for phone cases, it is clear that people like to personalize their devices, and ezl can be the perfect companion for that. Whether you like discreet or funky, I’m working on designs which will appeal to a broad spectrum of phone owners.

I’d love to know your suggestions – do send me a message when you sign up for updates.

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7 thoughts on “Ezl will be fun, too!”

  1. Margaret Corser

    The back of these plinths are great love them all how abt one with a dog wr have a 2 yr old German Shephard John
    Waiting still to buy one

  2. Instead of going to the expense of creating designs, isn’t there a way to allow people to just slide a picture or whatever, into a sleeve. If you make it credit card sized, then people could slide photo or their credit card in there. My USA grandson has such a case stuck to the back of his phone but it has lots of cards in it. I’m only suggesting one slot though to keep the stand light.

    1. This is a lovely idea, Sue, but I’m chasing points of a millimetre, and this ability would make it too thick. The beauty of ezl is in its super-thinness; on today’s phones, I think people will be rightly wary of sticking anything clunky on them. When you finally see it, you’ll hopefully agree. Ezl is the same thickness as 6 playing cards!

        1. It’s a possibility I’m looking into to see whether it is likely to be popular, Alistair.
          If so, I’ll make it available as an add-on.

  3. Margaret Corser

    Its a goid idea with a slot in for credit cards think a few could be done like this ut i wouldny usr it with credit cards nor picture it would put me off i just loke the way tje pictures are on the outside

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