What is crowdfunding, and why is it important?

You, as a consumer, make choices on which products you buy based on the products you see. Which products you get to discover is largely influenced by the advertising spend of the manufacturer. Simply put, this means that the more money a manufacturer spends on advertising, the more likely you are to see it, and …

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Ezl launches on Amazon

The entire range of 5 Ezls are now available on Amazon in the UK and throughout Europe. The best and fastest way to get your Ezl is to go to the shop here: Shop If you want Geoff Bezos to have a slice of my profit 🙄😢, you can now get your Ezl here: Amazon.co.uk

pop socket-beater-ezl

Christmas shopping? Here’s the answer.

Know anyone who loves their phone? Ezl is a simple, very thin, flat panel which flips out into a handy stand (portrait and landscape). It’s only 2mm thin, so doesn’t interfere with wireless charging. It’ll stick easily with to your phone case, or direct to your phone. You can remove it whenever you want. https://youtu.be/6VsusSHwI7w …

Christmas shopping? Here’s the answer. Read More »

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