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Kickstarter project timeline

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Sunday 12th August 2018

E-zl goes live on Tuesday 14th at 1200 UTC

The waiting is over, and the campaign to raise the funds for manufacture goes live on  on Tuesday at 1pm UK time.

Thursday 19th July 2018

What is ‘Kickstarter’?

For those unfamiliar with ‘crowdfunding’ and ‘kickstarter’, this video aims to explain how it all works.

In essence, anyone with an idea for something they think people might like (be it a book, a play, movie or new product), but which they can’t afford to produce themselves, can launch a campaign on a crowdfunding website and ask viewers whether they would chip in and help sponsor making it reality. In the case of kickstarter, the campaign must have a specific goal (a total sum of money to raise for production to go ahead), and a finishing date.

This is about people power – no big corporations, and its almost always more about creativity than making ‘fat bucks’.

In my campaign, I will be offering to effectively sell some of the very first products once E-zl goes into production. Viewers can choose to buy a range of different offerings at different prices – typically starting at £1. Kickstarter will take your card details, but here’s the cool thing:

You only get charged IF enough people also pledge to get my past my goal before the end date. If I don’t, nothing happens and no one gets charged. If I succeed, kickstarter forwards me the total and I can order production tooling (usually over £10,000). I then go into production, send everyone their rewards, and can then start selling the product to the wider world.

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