About Plinth

What is Plinth, and what makes it special?

Plinth is a pocket-friendly, secure and adjustable stand for all makes of iPad, tablet, kindles and smartphones

  • Securely holds ALL makes of tablet computer, kindles and smartphones​
  • Compatible with all types of case/cover
  • Five angles of support for comfortable working anywhere
  • Deploys instantly at the touch of a button
  • Also holds recipe books, notes etc.

Why is it important to use a proper stand?

Looking down at your phone or tablet is like adding a 60lb weight to the load on your neck muscles!

Why choose Plinth?

Stable, non-slip support

Wide-spaced, non-slip rubber feet hold your tablet steady while you work.

You’ll notice the difference.

Work in comfort

Easily find the right position for you, without compromise. 

Not just for Tablets

Plinth is versatile – use it for your phone,  for recipe books, sheet music and anything you want to see clearly.

Take it anywhere

Plinth is for mobile technology so was made to go with you, easily and comfortably. 

I think the product is exceptional. I've not seen anything as well designed with the intricacies that you've got, and the level of design that has gone into that. I don't think I've seen many things as good.

Peter Jones
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Watch the video >>

Design details - all stands are not the same!

Unlike most covers and cases, the 5 positions Plinth offers are carefully chosen to provide comfortable working with no compromise – try it and you’ll see the difference!

Plinth is unique in that it is the only pocket-friendly stand which flicks open at the touch of a button to become a truly stable work stand – big enough to hold the largest of modern tablets.

Plinth was designed as a MOBILE device, like the tablets and phones it supports – optimised to make it easy and convenient to keep with you.

Plinth is made from the best possible materials for the function it provides – extremely tough yet feather-light engineering plastics, permanently bonded to non-slip protective rubber feet and pads during the manufacturing process.

Rubber pads and feet are moulded in during manufacture - ensuring permanent bonding with minimal materials


Most covers and cases usually offer only 2 or 3 positions, and these are not very comfortable for typing or working. Plinth offers 5 angles which have been carefully optimised to provide comfortable viewing and typing positions on a range of table/desk heights.

Additionally, most cases and covers only hold your tablet in Landscape mode – Plinth offers both.

Yes indeed! From wafer thin silicone or rigid cases to thick leather folio-type covers, you can sit all of these on a Plinth. 


In landscape mode, Plinth will hold your iPad Pro perfectly still while you work in any of the 5 possible positions. In portrait mode, Plinth can hold your iPad in the top 3 positions (from 45º upwards).

To achieve soft non-slip rubber pads and feet permanently bonded to parts which are very thin and light,  we use an unusual process for manufacture, which is unfortunately very expensive.

Plinth is designed to be as good as it can be.

Plinth has been designed to be as small and light as possible, so that you’ll be happy to keep it in your pocket or bag always (who wants to carry round big and clunky kit?). However, it is carefully engineered and uses very tough engineering plastics – see the video here “Engineering in plastics” to see it thrown against walls, jumped on, and even run over by a tractor!

It’s also guaranteed for life.


Due to its unique rubber-lined channel, Plinth will happily hold any make of tablet, kindle or smartphone, in either portrait or landscape mode. 



Why is Plinth better?

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