Your Questions answered

Most covers and cases on the market offer limited positions (typically 2 or 3), and these are usually not very comfortable for typing. Plinth offers 5 possible angles which have been carefully optimised to provide comfortable viewing and typing positions on a range of table/desk heights.

Additionally, most cases and covers only position your tablet in Landscape mode – Plinth offers both.

Yes indeed! From wafer thin silicone or rigid cases to thick leather folio-type covers, you can sit all of these on a Plinth. Most of these protective covers offer limited positions which aren’t ideal for working – particularly typing on the screen. Plinth was developed to provide optimum angles for typing and working at a range of desk/table heights.

Yes. In landscape mode, Plinth will hold your iPad Pro perfectly still while you type in any of the 5 possible positions. In portrait mode, Plinth can only hold your iPad in the top 3 positions (from 45º upwards).

Yes Indeed! Plinth is engineered and made to be as small and light as possible, yet is extremely strong – in fact we guarantee it for life!

We use special processes to bond soft rubber to the rigid structures, giving perfect stability and non-slip protection for your device. No other stand on the market offers our unique performance in terms of positioning, speed and versatility in such a tiny pocket-friendly device.

Plinth has been designed to be as small and light as possible, so that you’ll be happy to keep it in your pocket or bag always (who wants to carry round big and clunky kit?). However, it is carefully engineered and uses very tough engineering plastics – see the video here “Engineering in plastics” to see it thrown against walls, jumped on, and even run over by a tractor!

As you can also see from the photo to the left, Plinth happily holds large and heavy books, such as recipe books, sheet music and more.

It’s also guaranteed for life.

Yes. Due to its unique rubber-lined channel, Plinth will happily hold any make of tablet, kindle or smartphone, in either portrait or landscape mode. Because of their large size, big tablets like the iPad Pro will only fit in portrait mode at the higher 3 positions (from 45º upwards).