Meet Ezl

Plinth magic comes to your phone

Ezl is new, and will be available in September 2019.

It was created to make life with your phone that little bit better.

It will be made here in the UK

As an Introductory offer, you can order yours today on kickstarter for as little as £5

Ezl is a perfect gift for anyone who loves their phone.


What is 'crowdfunding'?

Crowdfunding is when lots of people join together to make something happen which none of them could achieve alone. It might be raising funds for a good cause, or creating something new which the inventor cannot afford to do alone.

In the case of Ezl, if enough people pledge to buy one when it becomes available, I can raise enough money (£8,000) to buy production tools and make it for you and everyone else.

Plinth was funded this way in 2014 on the crowdfunding platform ‘Kickstarter’.


See your phone


  • Portrait/Landscape
  • Facetime/Skype
  • Take selfies/video


Hold your phone


  • Secure, comfortable grip
  • Won't get knocked out of your hand
  • Great for selfies


Connect your phone


  • Desk/bedside stands
  • Car mounts
  • Charging docks

YOU make a real difference!

Success with crowdfunding is all about momentum. The more people who visit my page in the first day or two will define how successful the whole exercise is.

Will you tell your friends about what I’m trying to do?

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So thin you'll hardly know its there!

  • Only 2mm thin!
  • Attaches easily and safely to phone or case
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