Plinth – Environment friendly?

Some customers have asked how environment-friendly Plinth is, so I hope this post answers your concerns.

Plinth was designed to give the maximum amount of stability and adjustment for all devices, using the absolute minimum of materials and weight.

The standard Plinth is made from only 46g of highly recyclable ABS – an engineering plastic, plus a tiny amount of unharmful TPE (thermoplastic elastomer, like rubber), plus 3 tiny springs and a screw. The Special Edition Plinths are made in polycarbonate – again highly recyclable.

Packaging uses only a minimal card box, no plastics.

It is made in the UK, so no lack of manufacturing control, no unethical labour, and no shipping from the Far East.

I care passionately about what’s left of our poor old planet, and do my best not to impact it in any negative way whatsoever.

Plinth is as good as I can make it. In every way.William Uglow Plinth


2 thoughts on “Plinth – Environment friendly?”

  1. I bought 2 recently, 1 for me and 1 for a friend. My friend is always on the go, so something he can simply fold up and pop in his pocket is ideal.
    Will you be designing any other useful items please.

    1. Yes, I have lots of ideas in the pipeline, Carol. If I could get some help with marketing and promoting Plinth, I could bring these on faster – I’m working on it! Thank you for taking the time to drop us a line.

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