Let’s join together to stop wasteful plastic packaging

The amount of single-use plastic packaging we are forced to consume every day is a scandal.

We believe the retailers who are responsible for producing the packaging should be forced to also accept responsibility for its recycling.

Everyday we buy products packed in materials that are not biodegradable or recyclable. Packaging like this can only be tossed in the bin, and it ends up in landfills or in oceans. This waste is slowly poisoning the Earths underground and overground water channels, the soil, the air, plants and animals and us too. We are creating an impending disaster for ourselves by polluting the very environment we depend on for life! The retail giants that are responsible for creating the most waste need to step up and change their packaging to sustainable and biodegradable materials first, with others to follow. These biodegradable materials are already being produced and are readily available so why aren’t they being used on a large scale ? The UK government needs to make laws to BAN retailers from using plastic and other packaging which is not biodegradable or recyclable. The actions we take now will determine our very immediate future,

We all know that the retailers blame market forces, because we won’t pay for more sustainable packaging. And consumers blame the retailers for not offering better solutions (shopping is overwhelming enough already without having to hunt down the slightly less harmful packaging).

After decades of only minimal progress, it seems the only way we can break this deadlock is for Government to force retailers to adopt more sustainable packaging. This is not ‘nanny stateism’ – it’s just good ‘Government’ – using regulation to provide retailers with a level playing field to do the right thing.

More sustainable biodegradable packaging might be more expensive in the short term, but with massively increased demand, will encourage investment in R&D and supply that will bring the price down. It’s a well proven model that’s worked time and time again in the past. And personally I’d prefer to pay a bit more now, to reduce the risk of potentially mind boggling costs later.

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