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Ferran in Spain said:

John Bull is maybe one of the most honest, passionate and persevering person that I have ever seen in this kind of projects. His product is simply perfect, a must-have companion to any tablet, small, well thought and well made. And even if this project has nearly broke him, he’s working hard to fulfill kickstarters and customers requests.

Erik in Sweden says:

It really is the best tablet stand out there. Thank you for the hard work you have put in to make it a reality! It is a very beautiful piece of engineering you have done to make it work so well while being so compact. I am truly amazed.

Terry in the UK says:

“Had my plinths now for a few weeks now and they’re fantastic, I use my plinth wherever I can, so handy.
thanks John!”

Pierre in Belgium says:

“Amazing invention ! Such an efficient item and yet so small. I love it ! I bought 3 of them in case one should break (it doesn’t seem fragile, but you never know), I wouldn’t want to find myself out of Plinth 😉 Thanks John !”

Ronald in the Netherlands says:

“I’m loving my Plinth; by far the best stand I have tried so far, and the fact that it folds up small is a nice bonus. I’ll have to order a couple more of them…
Also, thank you for taking us along on your product development journey. It’s been interesting to be party to this process and the challenges that came with it.”

Antimix in Italy says:

“I used Plinth during all the Christmas vacation, to hold my iPad, and I could not survive without it. After I tried it, I realized that it is much, much more stable of the magnetic Apple cover, and it offers several position based on what you need to do (see a video, browse, write messages..). The product is very good. :)”

Orvel says:

Hello John,
Just received my Plinth here on the other side of the pond, Texas U.S.A.
The design, build, fit, and finish is superb. Well done!!
Thank you for taking your time, standing-up for what you believed in, and not settling for anything other than excellence.
Glad I ordered and supported your Kickstarter campaign.
Keep me informed of your next idea for a Kickstarter pledge.
Happy Holidays.

Matt Says:

I couldn’t be happier, it works with my surface, my 2-in-1, and it’s even sturdy enough to handle my beast of a convertible tablet (if anyone wonders if their device is too thick for the plinth to work, that machine is a testament to thickness not mattering).
Thank you for all of your hard work creating this wonderful product. You’re also the first successful kickstarter I’ve backed to deliver on their product. You ran an excellent campaign, and kept everyone well informed – the constant updates were great! I wish you the best of luck turning this into a successful business, and I hope my minor contribution has helped you on that path.

Evi Meyer
Co-Founder & CEO, UMake (hello@umake.xyz) says:

Plinth helps me to make my iPad as a second screen to my laptop. Besides being busy as a CEO, I’m also a UX designer, so I have to test all my designs on the iPad in real time. Plinth helps me to put the iPad in a 90 degree angle position and use it as a second screen, next to my laptop – I can see my design changes in real time using Sketch (UI Design app for Mac) and Plinth as my second screen (iPad) stand.

Plinth enables your tablet to twin screen with your computer
Plinth enables your tablet to swing screen with your computer

Tony says:

I ordered my first Plinth as a Kickstarter pledge. I’ve had it in use for a few weeks now, and it more than lives up to both your descriptions and my expectations. A brilliant product, both in conception and execution. I really can’t see how you manage to produce it for £20 including postage! (Not that I’m complaining, I assure you!)

Just ordered a second Plinth for my sister, who uses her iPad mini a lot. She doesn’t realise that she wants one, yet, but she will once she gets it!

Congratulations, John. I look forward to more of your projects in future.


Rodrigo said:

Hello John, I received my Plinth yesterday and it works perfect for me. It’s well made, the mechanism works very good and all the different angles are useful. I am pleased with the quality and definitely will get another one and will support any further development on the Plinth or another project. I wish you all the best.

Arnaud says:

I got my Plinth last week (France). Couldn’t be happier. I like it and thanks to it my Nexus pad is standing right beside my computer at home. Thanks again, and keep on the good work.

Bryan says:

Many thanks for the plinth, the only problem was as soon as my wife saw it she wanted one hers arrived today so she is happy and i’m in her good books many thanks for a wonderful idea

Patrick says:

Just received my two Plinths.
Both work perfectly and hold my tablets even more stable than I expected.
A very nice piece of engineering !

Mark said:

My plinth arrived a few days ago. It’s more awesome than I thought it would be!

I hope you weather the growing pains and have much success for many years to come!

Ron said:

My Plinth arrived today. packaging was well-conceived and useful; the “Discover” pull-out tab helped me understand how to use the stand, and within a couple of tries I was deploying the Plinth one-handed and like a pro.
While I haven’t inspected it too closely, I didn’t see any evidence of manual adjustments to make it work. mine seems quite solid, and the mechanism works smoothly – there is a lot of satisfaction to be had just opening it up. the springs are more springy than I expected. and the wings click back into the device without any problems.
The stand works with my large phone (and its thick case), 7-inch tablet, and 10-inch tablet. while it works well, it seems like overkill for my phone. on the 7-incher, the wings are very noticeable when the tablet is in portrait mode, and the top of the Plinth is slightly visible when in landscape mode. it doesn’t detract from the function in any way, but takes a tiny hit on the aesthetics. it seems best fitted for the 10-inch tablet, but the wings still extend a small amount in portrait mode.
How it works with the 7-incher in landscape and 10-incher in portrait makes me wonder if future versions of the Plinth could be made just slightly less tall – that way the top (in the case of the 7-incher) and the wings of the Plinth (in the case of the 10-incher) would be less obvious in those modes.
Those minor nits aside, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the Plinth. I’ve picked up a lot of stands for devices over the years, and the Plinth is at the top of the class for portable solutions. I’d also buy a metal version if you make one. thank you!

David says:

Hi John,
My plinth arrived in the mail here in California at almost the same time as your latest update appeared in my email. It sounds like you are having a bit of a rough time of it with your manufacturing, printing, assembly, packaging, mailing, etc.
So I hope this can just be a bit of a bright note for you to say that I love my Plinth. It took me about three minutes to get the hang of opening it properly and at some point I may master the one-handed spring-to-life movement.
I’ve had another iPad stand that that I love. It is stable and looks great. It is also bulky, not suitable for traveling, and really only works with my iPad and not also my iPhone or books and such.
I’m off on a week’s work and vacation travel trip tomorrow and my Plinth is coming with me! I will probably use it on the plane, to make some business presentations using my iPad, and to do work and watch movies or shows in my hotel room. And it packs away so efficiently! Brilliant!
You have designed and manufactured a better product. Good for you and good for everyone who could use this excellent stand.
I hope things settle down for you and you get to just bask for a bit in your achievement. And I hope you ultimately make a bundle of money.
Thank you! And keep the faith.

Dan said:

this thing…..
so i woke and was getting ready to make some brunch, went down to discover my plinth on the table. Took it out of the box and immediately i used it to prop my ipad up for my typical cookbook (dont like to use the usual ipad stand because it gets dirty on the kitchen table) and then when im done i realize i can flat pack it in my [ocket and bring my teapot, tea cup, ipad and plinth in my pocket to my room upstairs. In less than an hour, the plinth has already, basically earn the 15 pounds i spent. I hope you’ll be able to make a metal version soon, i’ll buy that the moment it releases.

Got my Plinths today (NW USA). I’m loving them, thanks!

I got my Plinth today (Germany). I really like it! It works great!

I got my 2 Graphite/Teal Plinths a couple of days back in India and LOVE the design and innovation that has gone into this product!



Received my Plitnh today in the mail (Dutch based backer. Need to get the knack of opening one-handed, but glad it arrived.

Beautiful packaged and a wonderful note from you (John).
Thanks for all the work and time put in.., JOB WELL DONE

Just back from a trip and found my Plinths waiting for me. What an excellent product!

Got my Plinth over the weekend! It works great. Thanks so much for coming up with this. Sorry to hear about the frustrations, but you came up with a great product, and should be really proud of it.
Thanks again,

Dr. Dave
Whoop, they’ve arrived. Very happy to report that my plinths have arrived and work perfectly. Took my a couple of attempts to get the hang of it but now it’s working great. Thanks John I love it 🙂

Great to see this wonderful product arrive in my mailbox this afternoon (New Zealand). Thanks so much John, I look forward to utilising this stand with many of my devices.

Hi John,
I have received your amazing design – Plinth.
The product is better than I expected.
I love it very much. It is light weight and useful.
Where should I share the photo of using a Plinth?
Please produce more this kind of things to us.
Hope your business go smooth and well-developing.
Thanks a lot.
All the best,

Hi John,
Just arrived home from work to find a little package at home (my plinth finally in my hands:). I have to say that’s it’s great. A truly sturdy, robust and practical piece of equipment.

Hi John, I just received my Plinths and would like to offer a big thank you to you and your family/team. It’s a brilliant product and I’m sure I’ll be having lots of questions of “where did you get that” once I start using it in the real world.
I got them a few days back John and LOVE them!!
Dr. Dave
I too am still waiting impatiently for my plinths to arrive but most of my impatience is due to the people who have received them leaving such glowing comments about how good they are and I want a chance to play as well.

Thank you, a very handy device!!!

Got my Plinth this week and it’s awesome! I’ll be casually demonstrating it wherever I go (“This? Oh, it’s my Plinth, don’t you have one? I never travel without it”)
João Pedro
Hey Guys and John.. Just got home (Portugal) to my ptlinth (gray and blue version).At start i couldn’t really make it happen, it seemed things were a bit tight, with the wings not folding by themselves .. it took a couple of minutes and looking at the box to get the knack, but after that i have to say i am really impressed with how the hole thing feels so natural.. It’s great how everything just pops into place with no effort. Great job.. i am very pleased with it ;

I got my 2 plinths today. It took a little bit of playing to get the knack but once I got it it works great. Pretty cool little stands.

Giovanni said:

Received mine in Germany and it looks and works great! Btw: Very very nice and clever packaging. Love it.

Clarke said:

I am in Singapore,
I gotten mine about 3 weeks back, early Nov.
The first thing that amazed me was how small it is when folded. (even though we had seen photos and videos).
The opening of the Plinth was not easy to understand, initially I had thought I had a defective unit and used a flat head screw driver to open it.
The trick as you have mentioned is hold the sides, press the catch and at the time pull it upwards 🙂
A very nice product and don’t be discouraged by these set backs, be glad you came out a great product, I like it a lot,
Pity the shipping costs, would have wanted to get some and ship here in Singapore, but the costs are too much.

Aaron said:

Greetings from Malaysia. I received mine yesterday. Great accessory for my Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Thanks.

Bill said:

My plinth arrive in Maryland, USA on December 1st. Very well done – I hope that you are able to get the tooling working to your satisfaction. I also hope it is the huge success that it deserves to be.
Coen van Uden says:
Hello John, First of all my compliments for the design of Plinth. It is truly a lightweight invention, and the different angles makes it easy to use in most daily situations.

MacAl said:

My Plinth arrived in Virginia, USA, on December 1st. Thank you John! I’ve enjoyed the journey and am very pleased with the delivered product. I wish you a commercially successful holiday gift buying season.
Martin said:

Hi John,
I received my Plinth last week, and it has lived fully up to my expectations! I’ll be using the vouchers to buy more very soon! It’s been great hearing about your progress and how the project became a family mission, although I’m sure we wouldn’t have missed the delays. Thank you for a great product – and the interesting updates 🙂

Andrea said:

G-Hold and Plinth surely go well together 🙂 It’s great to have both of them for my iPad!
David said:

For those waiting, it’s well worth it. Mine arrived a couple of days ago. A great product and packaged very nicely indeed.

Kevin says:
Hi John, Just seen your Kickstarter update, sounds like the world and his dog is after you 🙂 I think the Plinth is brilliant, had my iPad sat on my desk as a third screen for a couple of weeks now – got fed up with it falling off the Apple iPad cover!

James says:
my #Plinth arrived today, Looks fantastis and works so well. I’m glad I backed your kickstarter 🙂
I have been using it for my cookery books and it is now supporting my phone as I type

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