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Supporting your mobile technology since 2014

Plinth - the world's best tablet stand.

Now joined by Ezl - a pretty neat grip for your phone (it's a stand too, of course!)‚Äč

The world's best stand for all iPads, tablets, kindles and more.

At only 10mm thick and weighing under 50g, Plinth slips easily into pocket or bag.

It flips open at the press of a switch to provide a stable stand with wide-spaced rubber feet, and 5 adjustable angles to ensure the perfect position for comfortable working, wherever you are.

It will safely hold all models of iPad, tablet, kindle etc, and even recipe books, notebooks etc. A truly versatile device, designed to be easy to keep with you everywhere.

When less is more.

Like Plinth, Ezl is meticulously designed to be no more than it needs to be to work beautifully.

Nobody likes adding anything onto their super-slim phone, so Ezl is only 2mm thin, and weighs a negligible 6g! Yet with a slide of the finger, it provides a comfortable and secure grip – no more dropped phones and cracked screens.

It also provides a sturdy stand, with non-slip rubber feet, so you can enjoy movies, zoom/facetime calls, and hands-free conversations – portrait or landscape.

Ezl fits any phone case (it won’t stick to silicone), and any phone with a flat surface (86x50mm).


The cases we use on our tablets and phones are primarily designed for protection and style – their functionality as a supporting stand is often secondary.

Correct ergonomic position is incredibly important when working at our mobile devices to avoid long-term back and neck problems.

Plinth was designed primarily as a stable stand with enough choice of positions to as to enable comfortable working at any desk or table height – at home, in the office or on the train.

In the same spirit, Ezl was designed to make viewing and using our phones easier. How many times a day do we pick up our phone, check it, and immediately put it down again?

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