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The Perfect Pocket Stand

A simple solution for supporting all sizes of tablet, smartphones, books and more

More Stable

More Versatile

More Positions

My most favorite product used every day. I like the way it folds into such a small piece that fits any pocket.

David, UK

I have bought a few -they are brilliant

Patricia, UK

We’ve got 3 of these in our house. Brilliant gadget.

Susan, UK

The first thing that amazed me was how small it is when folded.

Clark , Singapore

It’s more awesome than I thought it would be!

Mark, USA

This is second one I have bought and honestly can’t fault it. Great service combined to make perfect purchase.

George, UK

I still smile when it opens up, almost like magic. My brother bought one for his Samsung tablet after seeing mine.

Framell, UK

Amazing invention ! Such an efficient item and yet so small. I love it ! I bought 3 of them.

Pierre, Belgium

I could not survive without it. After I tried it, I realized that it is much, much more stable of the magnetic Apple cover.

Antimix, Italy

My most favorite product used every day. I like the way it folds into such a small piece that fits any pocket.

David - Hetfordshire, Your Content Goes Here

I want to thank the guy for going on Dragons Den, otherwise I wouldn’t have known about this. Purchased this soon after the program and have used it practically every day since.

SL, Oxford, UK


All our stands come with a lifetime guarantee – if for any reason you are not completely delighted with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund.
Choose either Plinth or Plinth SE (the same great functions but in super-cool translucent colours), and then your choice of colour.

All orders placed before 3pm ship same day (except Sunday)

Clever Engineering makes this accessory stand out from the crowd


Plinth is a wonderful creation that makes any tablet (or a phablet or standard smartphone, for that matter) even more useful and enjoyable.

Cult of Android

It’s sturdy, tough, light and compact, and it can cater for larger tablets easily.


Ergonomically speaking, the Plinth is by far the best stand we’ve used, and we’ve been through quite a lot over the years.


It’s a fantastically engineered tablet stand and one that’ll certainly last you far longer than the device it’s holding


It’s one of the cleverest pieces of engineering I’ve ever seen!


Better angles for working in comfort

Support your tablet exactly how you want, without compromise. With or without a protective cover, you can now get the best from your tablet in comfort, wherever you are.

This fully adjustable stand  springs open at the touch of a button to instantly support your tablet at the perfect angle for every task, and hold it rock steady while you work.

So versatile you’ll use it every day

Not just perfect for your tablet – use it in the office for your phone, in the kitchen for recipe books – anything you want to see clearly.


Tiny in your pocket

Designed to increase your enjoyment of MOBILE technology – it was made to go with you, easily and comfortably.

Plinth slips easily in to pocket or bag; it’s only 10mm thick and weighs under 50g, yet is strong enough to be run over with a tractor! If you don’t believe us, track it down on Youtube.


A Perfect Corporate Gift

We can print Plinth with your logo or message – and even mould them in your corporate colours, for a unique and genuinely useful Promotional Gift.


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