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Supporting mobile technology since 2014

I design and make products to hold, support, and make life with your mobile technology better.

All my products are responsibly made here in the UK.

The world's best Tablet Stand

A stable, multi-angle, pocket friendly stand for ALL your mobile devices

Plinth will hold all tablets, iPads, kindles and smartphones, and has non-slip rubber feet and protective pads.

It is designed to fit easily in pocket or bag, measuring 10mm thick and weighing 47g. 

The world's best Phone Stand

See, hold and connect your phone - better!

New for your phone - hold your phone safely and comfortably. So much more than a stand!

As well as a stand, Ezl provides a safe and comfortable hand-grip, and clever features to connect to accessories such as desk chargers, car mounts etc.

It is only 2mm thick – you will hardly notice it on the back of your phone, and is shaped to slip easily into your pocket. 

News from my blog

We’re live on Indiegogo

Grab yourself a bargain on our campaign page, and help the development of new products to support Ezl, and more. Now funding on Indiegogo! Crazy discounts if you can wait until August! Click Here

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Group FaceTime – keeping in touch

For families wanting to keep in touch – why faff about with Zoom when your iphone and ipad can deliver the most fantastic group video calls – here’s how. Try it – I had a wonderful game of Trivial Pursuit the other evening with my son in Torquay and my daughter who is currently stuck

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pop socket-beater-ezl

Ezl launches on Amazon

The entire range of 5 Ezls are now available on Amazon in the UK and throughout Europe. The best and fastest way to get your Ezl is to go to the shop here: Shop If you want Geoff Bezos to have a slice of my profit 🙄😢, you can now get your Ezl here:

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