The world's best Tablet Stand

A stable, multi-angle, pocket friendly stand for ALL your mobile devices

Supporting mobile technology since 2014

Plinth is a universal tablet stand – pocket friendly, stable and fully adjustable.

Ezl is an incredibly thin device which provides a stand for your phone, a safe and comfortable grip, and means of connecting to car mounts, desk chargers (coming soon) etc.

All my products are responsibly made here in the UK.

Plinth is designed to fit easily in pocket or bag, measuring 10mm thick and weighing 47g. It will hold all tablets, iPads, kindles and smartphones, and has non-slip rubber feet and protective pads.

Ezl phone stand logo

Ezl is only 2mm thick, and weighs 6g – you will hardly notice it on the back of your phone. As well as a stand, it provides a safe and comfortable hand-grip, and features to connect to accessories.

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