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A stable, multi-angle, pocket friendly stand for ALL your mobile devices

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Meet Ezl

Plinth magic comes to your phone


Why choose Plinth?

Stable, non-slip support

Wide-spaced, non-slip rubber feet hold your tablet steady while you work.

You’ll notice the difference.

Work in comfort

Easily find the right position for you, without compromise. 

Not just for Tablets

Plinth is versatile – use it for your phone,  for recipe books, sheet music and anything you want to see clearly.

Take it anywhere

Plinth is for mobile technology so was made to go with you, easily and comfortably. 


I think the product is exceptional. I've not seen anything as well designed with the intricacies that you've got, and the level of design that has gone into that. I don't think I've seen many things as good.

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Ezl will be fun, too!

Ezl will be fun, too! Now that the prototypes are working beautifully, I have been playing with how to make ezl more personal. By looking at the market for phone cases, it is clear that people like to personalize their devices, and ezl can be the perfect companion for that. Whether you like discreet or

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HOW THIN?!! Ezl has evolved….

New design offers truly wafer thin performance After months of work, I have now redesigned Ezl to be even thinner, hopefully cheaper to manufacture, AND uses less materials. The latest prototype (shown here – its only a 3D print so is a bit rough) is only 2mm thick! It also has chamfered edges, making it

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Telegraph votes Plinth 2nd best stand on market!

In recent review of the best tablet stands available in 2019, Plinth was the reviewer’s second favourite (No.1 being a goose-neck desk stand by Lamicall). The review (full version HERE) begins “I like to think that I’m a bluntly honest critic when it comes to tech gadgets, but even I pale in comparison to the

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New colours coming!

New colours coming Coming next week (21st Feb 2019) – new colours come to your favourite device stand! In the run up to Christmas I sold out of almost everything except G and SE models.  Now my moulder in Birmingham is at last replenishing my stock, and I’m trying some new exciting colours – sumptuous pearlescent soft

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NEW! Extra grip – get your Plinth fitted with Sea*Legs

From artists to journalists, anyone who values having their iPad or tablet supported absolutely still while they work will appreciate the extra grip provided by Sea*Legs, the latest addition to the Plinth range. Plinth already comes fitted with small but efficient rubber feet to prevent your tablet slipping around – a common problem with many

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