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iPad-holder..it’s a tablet – not a book.

If you use your tablet as many times a day as we do, you’ll appreciate the instant set up and immediate screen access which only a decent tablet stand can provide. The Plinth adjustable iPad stand fits easily in your pocket or bag, and at the touch of a button springs open to instantly support your tablet at the perfect angle for every task, and hold it rock steady while you work.

Plinth works with every model of Apple iPad or Android tablet – Nexus, Galaxy or Kindle; portrait or landscape, for typing, sketching or watching movies. Better still, you can use Plinth with all tablet cases or covers.

Other cases and covers add unnecessary weight and bulk to your super-thin tablet. Many have to be opened before you can see the screen, and few provide the best angle for working – whether at your desk, at home, or on a plane.




Plinth iPad holder was designed to be:

  • As small and light as possible – optimised for the modern world of mobile computing.
  • As fast to set up as possible – how about instant?
  • Rock steady in use – no more irritating wobble when typing that report.
  • Compatible with every tablet and smartphone on the market, whether or not you like to use a cover.
  • Fully adjustable – whatever you do, and wherever you do it, Plinth provides the perfect angle.
  • It doesn’t clutter or cover your screen – enjoy your tablet as it was designed to be!


 “It’s one of the coolest little pieces of engineering ever!”
 John P - GeekBeat TV



When Less is more. 

Plinth is a beautiful example of plastics engineering. Although designed to be as small and light as possible, it will hold your tablet rock steady, and is as tough as old boots. Click them to see just how tough.

Made from tough engineering plastics with rubber protective pads and non-slip feet, your tablet will be held safe and steady, exactly how you want it.

At only 10mm thick and weighing under 50g,  you’ll hardly notice it in your pocket or bag – making it the perfect travel companion. Like tablets themselves, Plinth is designed to live ‘mobile’.


Packed with surprises

Plinth is designed to  support your tablet in all the places where you’re likely to use it, and be as fast to use and easy to carry as you’d like it to be.

Plinth is  for real people who use their tablets every day in the office, at college, on the train, and at home.

See what they say – just click the flag.


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